Thursday, August 01, 2013

Guatemala Medical Missions Trip Update #2

Installment #2 of our recent Guatemala medical missions trip follows below:
Whew!  What a day we had today!  Got a bit earlier start as we had hoped
to do and then went pretty much non-stop other than a brief break for
lunch from about 9:20 or so and wrapped up about 5:00 or a little later. 
We saw an incredible 131 patients today.  Jason and Connie were really
going non-stop as were David and Susan in the pharmacy, and Jen with the

The kids activity team visited with a couple of the classes of children at
the school that they didn't get to see yesterday before school finished. 
Lots of balloons, Bible stories, craft activities, etc. that Janis, Caleb,
Lily, Kelsey, and Andrew all had lots of fun.  Janis said that they saw
about 170 kids or so in the 2 days at Tierra Colorada.

Thorvald and Trish distributed about 35 pairs of glasses or so today also.
 We had to go by Walmart and pick up a few more pairs of the lower
strength reading glasses as we went through several yesterday.

The other thing we did today was distribute 20 bags of food to needy
families.  We were all pretty tied up with our responsibilities so Pastor
Nehemias of the Judah Baptist Church suggested that he could speak with
the school principal and perhaps those families that she designated could
come to the school to receive them.  That's what we did.  We had 15 in one
session in the afternoon and I was able to share a gospel presentation and
visit with them a bit before delivering the food bags to them.  We then
did another 5 later in the afternoon.  Caleb, Lily, and Janis helped with
the early session and then presented a couple of soccer balls we had
purchased to the principal as well for the kids to play with.

Tomorrow we'll be working in a church at the base of the Santa Maria
Volcano.  It's fairly close to the same location as Tierra Colorado, but
we don't have to drive up several hundred feet on switchback roads (paved
and dirt) to reach it like we've done the last 2 days.

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