Saturday, August 03, 2013

Guatemala Medical Missions Trip Update #3

Here's the 3rd installment of the updates from our recent Guatemala medical missions trip.  I posted this to Facebook on Friday evening.

Just a quick update for the evening.  Today was another very good day here in Quetzaltenango.  Weather has been nice here since we arrived with no rain other than the first evening when we arrived.  We saw a total of 88 patients today in clinics at the Lily of the Valley Baptist Church located at the base of the Santa Maria Volcano.  

The kids' crew had fun making woven bracelets with thread on a paper circle with slots cut in it.  They actually had not just children but older adults making them as well.  Caleb also had his own soccer clinic going with lots of the boys.  Kelsey and Andrew helped with the children's activities as well as helping the pharmacists count vitamins.

I didn't ask Thorvald and Trish how many glasses they dispensed, but they stayed fairly busy throughout the day as well.

We finished about 4:30 or so and made another Walmart stop to purchase food for an additional 20 bags that we'll work on distributing tomorrow in addition to everything else.  We had the production line system running efficiently as we double-bagged rice, black beans, powdered milk, oil, and sugar in each bag.

Tomorrow is our final day of clinics and then we'll split the team in 2 groups to worship on Sunday at the two local churches that we're working with this week since they both have services at 10:00 a.m.  Jason will preach at the Judah Baptist Church and I'm slated to preach at the Lily of the Valley Church.  I've been battling some kind of upper respiratory stuff and have struggled the last 2 days at times with not much of a voice.  I'd appreciate your prayers that it will be okay by Sunday morning.

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