Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guatemala Medical Missions Trip Update #1

I've been out of the country in Guatemala the past 2 weeks and thought I'd provide here some updates that I've already emailed back to our church staff and then posted on Facebook as well.  I realize that there are some folks who read my blog who don't have access to either of those 2 venues, so I wanted to pass along this information here as well.  I plan to share here over the next 4 days or so the updates I sent home from Guatemala and then will probably backtrack and share a bit as well about the pastoral leadership training conferences that took place the prior week.  Here's update #1 from last Wednesday morning.

We had a busy, but very rewarding day today, seeing a total of 78 patients between Jason (my oldest son who is a physician) and Connie (Jason's mother-in-law).  The group working with the kids (Janis, Caleb, Lilly, Kelsey, and Andrew) was especially busy in the morning as they did activities with the kids at the school where we were holding the medical clinics.  They all pitched in and helped with multiple activities.

David and Susan Holman (pharmacists from FBC Farmington) did an outstanding job of getting the pharmacy up and running and medications distributed to all of those who were seen who needed them.

Trish and Thorvald took care of fitting lots of folks with reading glasses.

Jen and I worked as well with the clinic with her performing nursing duties while I took medical histories and recorded complaints and/or symptoms.

We were told to expect even more folks tomorrow so we're going to try and get an earlier start.

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