Monday, July 01, 2013

Renewing acquaintances in Argentina

My wife and I traveled last Friday to Argentina to spend a couple of weeks here visiting familiar sites and seeing old friends again.  It's been 12 years since we left here after having served as missionaries here for some 13 years.  This past Sunday morning was a really special time as we worshiped with the Liniers Baptist Church, a congregation that we attended for some 9 years here and where we made lots of dear friends.  We were warmly greeted with hugs and kisses by many who still remembered our time of ministry among them.  The pastor mentioned a special memory that I had forgotten--praying for them in a public service as they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.  We also had a wonderful time recalling an outdoor Christmas cantata that the church presented of a work that my wife and I translated (John Peterson's The Night the Angels Sang).

Following the church service, we traveled to the north zone of Buenos Aires and saw the last home that we lived in here in the country before leaving for Mexico.  We also visited BAICA (Buenos Aires International Christian Academy) where the younger boys attended and where Annetta Marie taught.  We stopped by as well to see the International Baptist (now International Bible) Church where BAICA began and where some missionary colleagues served as pastor of this English-speaking congregation.

We've traveled down to the south zone a couple of times to where Jonathan is studying Spanish at the Universidad Nacional de Lanus.  We're getting our exercise as we're doing a lot of walking and lots of steps (mainly up and down stairs to the various subway lines).  We'll be heading out to Mendoza on Saturday where we spent our first term as missionaries and fell in love with the city and the people.

I'll try to periodically post some additional updates about our travels here in Argentina.

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