Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Seasons of Life

The cooler temperatures of the past few weeks offer clear evidence of the changing seasons.  Fall has announced its annual arrival.  I’m grateful to live in Missouri where we experience four distinct seasons.  Granted, the length of these can vary considerably from year to year as well as the severity or mildness of each season.  Having grown up in South Texas, spring and fall were basically non-existent for us.  We transitioned from a typically mild winter to the heat of summer with just a few short days of spring-like weather.  The clearest harbinger of spring’s brief appearance was the emergence of the beautiful Texas wild flowers—blue bonnets, Indian paint brush, and buttercups being chief among them.  The fall months could be almost as hot as the summer ones, but their arrival signaled the start of high school football in the land of Friday Night Lights. 

The earth’s seasons remind us of life’s rhythms as well.  The springtime corresponds to those seasons of refreshing growth and new beginnings.  Summertime suggests those periods in which we take a break from the normal routines to explore new places on vacation or to spend time with our extended families.  Autumn can represent our maturing years as we reflect on what we’ve been able to accomplish with the Lord’s strength and help.  Winter marks the inevitable decline that we all face and our eventual departure from this earthly life to a far greater and more blessed future existence with God in heaven for those of us who know Christ as Savior.

Whatever season of life you find yourself in today, resolve to make the most of it.  Cultivate the friendships you already have and seek to make new ones.  As your health permits, seek opportunities to serve others, using the gifts and talents you’ve developed over a lifetime.  Strengthen your relationship with the Lord through daily spiritual disciplines.  Finally, enjoy and thank God for each new day He lets you experience.  We are truly blessed, aren’t we? 

(I shared these thoughts in the most recent edition of our monthly senior adult newsletter, The Joyful Tidings).

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