Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Encouraging Conference/Retreat

I just returned this evening from a three-day trip to Little Rock, AR where I met with about a dozen fellow senior adult ministers.  I only knew one of the attendees prior to the meeting, but I enjoyed some rich fellowship and sharing with these men.  It turns out that I had mutual acquaintances with a number of these guys.  One had served as a music prof for our worship minister and had been a classmate of a close missionary friend from Argentina.  Another had taken a mission trip to Argentina, serving alongside a former colleague there.  Still another was good friends of a missionary acquaintance from Mexico.  I'm amazed at times at the number of relationships and ties that exist in Baptist life when you scratch below the surface just a little bit.  

We were privileged to have Ward Tanneberg of the CASA Network as a speaker for the first day and a half.  I had attended an event sponsored by CASA in Anaheim last fall and found it to be encouraging and inspiring.  This gathering scored high in that respect as well.

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