Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pathway Reports on Save our Convention Meeting

I have to confess that I was shocked that MBC's Pathway gave an extensive report on the recent Save our Convention meeting that was held at the FBC Harvester in St. Charles. I reported in a previous post that it appeared that Roger Moran's political coalition appears to be unraveling in Missouri. The fact that some major conservative churches have entertained the thought of either withdrawing from the MBC or bypassing it with their giving and designating CP gifts instead to local associations and the SBC underscores the serious divisions that exist within the MBC. The Pathway article can be read here.

The most shocking quote in the article was the one from Jim Breeden, DOM for the St. Louis Metro Baptist Association that referred to the Pathway's own complicity in the mess that is Missouri Baptist Convention politics. Concerning The Pathway, Breeden said the official newsjournal of the MBC has been no friend of inclusiveness and tolerance.

“There is a loss of trust in The Pathway newspaper,” he said. “A large number of Missouri Baptists believe The Pathway has fueled the current conflict by focusing on controversy, reporting events in a very biased manner and writing with inflammatory tone. The vast majority across the state believe The Pathway should work with, and not against, MBC staff. It is a sad day when Missouri Baptists trust secular papers and the Word & Way more than the official state paper.” Reporters for both The Pathway and Word & Way covered the meeting.

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