Friday, March 10, 2006

TV Review missions fundraiser

I just returned from a fun-filled evening at our church where our music/drama group called Son Light entertained us with a program called Stay Tuned, a musical review of TV shows mainly from the 70s. The youth served the tables with meals served up like TV dinners. Baskets of goodies and prizes were auctioned off and donations were received to help sponsor the youth's mission/choir trip this summer to Biloxi, MS. They will be doing a series of benefit concerts and leading out in backyard Bible clubs in a number of the FEMA trailer communities in the area of Biloxi. We are also sending three adult teams in the months of April, May, and June to Bay St. Louis, MS to assist in rebuilding homes for folks who lost everything in Katrina. We'll be working through the FBC of Bay St. Louis whose pastor, Al Green, served with us in Argentina for many years. I'll be leading the first team of 12 people and we'll be gone from April 8-15. We would appreciate your prayers as we go and serve.

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