Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gearing up for BGCM annual meeting

Our church is privileged to host the annual meeting of the Baptist General Convention of Missouri on March 31st and April 1st. We will be announcing a number of important new partnership agreements, including those with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, with WorldconneX, with the North American Baptist Fellowship, and with the Guatemalan Baptist Convention. The BGCM will have an opportunity to showcase its commitment to its First Priority strategic plan of serving churches through 4 Great Commission initiatives--leadership development, church health, church planting, and missions mobilization. For more information about the BGCM and its upcoming meeting, visit the organization's homepage on the web. Among the featured speakers at this year's meeting are Dr. Albert Reyes, immediate past president of the BGCT and the president of the Baptist University of the Americas in San Antonio, and Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham. If you're in the Kansas City area that weekend, consider joining us for some great worship, inspiration, and a focus on missions.


Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear Gary,

Our association (Fannin Baptist Association in Texas) has grouped church health and leadership development into the work of one team, which I am on. We are doing fine planning for leadership development, but we are stuck on church health. What kind of approach are you guys taking?

Love in Christ,


Gary Snowden said...


We're fairly new as a convention, but in the area of church health Bob Perry brings extensive experience as an author and consultant in helping churches to get healthy. We have recently mailed out sample Congregational Wellness Inventories to all the churches in the state (except those who have specifically requested not to be included in our mailouts), offering them assistance in scoring and interpreting these instruments. The CWI helps a church determine areas of weakness in terms of church functions that need attention. I'd be happy to follow-up more with you personally if you desire as I'm sure Bob would as well. You can contact either of us via email or phone by checking out our contact information on the BGCM website - www.baptistgcm.org
Thanks for your response.