Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Reflection from Jim Denison

For quite some time now I've been receiving a daily email from Jim Denison in which he reflects on news of the day and shares a devotional thought.  This morning's devotional contained a great reflection about Thanksgiving that I wanted to pass along.  He writes:

"Thanksgiving" is giving thanks. But you cannot give a gift without a recipient. When we give thanks to God, we acknowledge that he is God. So let's be sure this Thanksgiving week that we truly give thanks. Theologian Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. notes, "It must be an odd feeling to be thankful to nobody in particular. Christians in public institutions often see this odd thing happening on Thanksgiving Day. Everyone in the institution seems to be thankful 'in general.' It's very strange. It's a little like being married in general."

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