Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring Break Trip

I'd like to pass along some thoughts I shared in our latest monthly edition of the Joyful Tidings as I prepare for another trip to Guatemala.

As a child, what did you dream about being when you grew up?  Lots of you as little boys probably thought about becoming a policeman or fireman--visible community helpers who live a dangerous lifestyle.  Others perhaps aspired to be lawyers, doctors, or businessmen.  I suspect that among the ladies growing up prior to World War II, the majority of you aspired to be teachers or homemakers as these were the normal career choices for women in that time.  Career options are certainly much more diverse for females in the 21st Century.

How many of you wound up doing what you dreamed about as a child?  My suspicions, and they are just that without any statistical evidence, are that most of us ended up in a profession very different than that we had envisioned for ourselves.  Perhaps a unique opportunity presented itself, or maybe we were influenced by a parent, teacher, or mentor who helped direct us into the career we eventually chose. 

I share these thoughts as a background to ask you to pray for the ten high school seniors from our church who will be accompanying Aaron and Andrea Huffman and me to Guatemala during their spring break, March 19-26.  I'm excited that these young people have a chance to experience missions firsthand at this critical juncture of their lives before they embark upon college, military service, a trade, or whatever else the Lord has in store for them.  Would you pray that the Lord would use the time there to cause them to think deeply about His will and purpose for their lives?  Thanks for your prayerful support for our team as we go to serve at the Tabitha Ministry near the city dump in Guatemala City.

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