Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Congregational Listening Sessions

In my part-time job as Missions Mobilization Team Leader of Churchnet, I've been privileged of late to participate in some congregational leadership listening sessions.  Our organization is embarking upon the elaboration of a new 5-year strategic plan.  In keeping with the overarching goal of our first priority being to serve churches, we're conducting these listening sessions to discover what the major challenges are facing churches across the state of Missouri.  In light of what we're hearing, we'll attempt to strategically respond in terms of how we structure, organize, and fund our ministry to these churches.

It's been a good time of getting to hear how folks were drawn to their congregations, what makes their heart sing in terms of their current ministries, how they're coping with change, and the obstacles in the way of achieving their ministry goals, among several other questions that we're asking.  To date, I've had the opportunity to facilitate sessions at Wyatt Park Baptist in St. Joseph, Chandler Baptist in Liberty, and FBC Independence and then to participate as a leader responding to the questions last night at our own church, FBC, Lee's Summit.

The strategy planning team will be meeting at Windermere on Nov. 7-8 to look at the responses to these sessions as well as responses to an on-line survey as we work on a first draft of a new strategic plan.  These are exciting days for Churchnet as we continue to make our first priority serving churches.

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