Thursday, May 03, 2012

Recalculating: GPS for Active Adults

The title of this post is the name of an upcoming conference scheduled for June 9th at Holmeswood Baptist Church.  Here's a link to some further information found on Holmeswood's home page (that's kind of alliterative, isn't it?).  Four different Kansas City-area Baptist churches have been planning for this event for many months now and it's shaping up to be a great conference.  The Baptist Home has also taken a key leadership role in conceiving and designing the conference with outstanding contributions from Frank Fain who heads up their educational ministry and is a specialist on aging.  This conference however isn't focused primarily on traditional "seniors" but rather on emerging boomers.  The goal is to help many of us who are in that category to be better equipped as we move toward retirement years, deal with aging parents, seek to stay abreast of the latest advances in technology, etc.  There is an outstanding line-up of conferences that will be offered that day with something of interest for everyone.  

Baptists can't meet without eating of course, so we've also planned a catered Italian lunch into the program at a nominal cost of $5 for those who pre-register before May 31st.  Folks who fail to pre-register can still do so at the door and enjoy the meal at a cost of $7.50.  Following lunch, there will be an opportunity to attend some optional Q&A sessions with experts in the fields of financial planning, Social Security and Medicare issues, and caregiving.  Those who are interested can also pay a visit to the Forest Avenue Homeless Shelter in Kansas City that will be receiving donated items from conference participants.  Here's a list of some items that the shelter needs and that attendees are encouraged to bring with them that day.  We're also exploring the possibilities of some future missions projects that these churches can do jointly with Forest Avenue.

I'm grateful to my colleagues who have labored faithfully for several months in organizing this event.  It promises to be an outstanding experience for all who attend.

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