Saturday, March 05, 2011

ChurchNet Board Meeting

One of the really positive things to come out of yesterday's ChurchNet board meeting was a very good discussion by two of our teams (Missions Mobilization, Resources and Relationships) with Roger Hatfield, executive director of Future Leadership Foundation.  FLF was founded in 2002 and has concentrated its efforts predominantly in Eastern Europe to this point.  They respond to requests from national entities in several of those countries to provide leadership training events.  Their philosophy and approach to doing so matches quite closely the approach that we have taken as an organization, so there is lots of potential for shared ministry.  I foresee that an eventual partnership between our groups will be a boost for each of us--providing synergy and helping both organizations to maximize resources. 

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jwj1237 said...

Many thanks to Churchnet for the invitation to dialog about this important work.

Future Leadership Foundation [FLF] is looking forward to more discussions about how we can effectively work together to equip churches and their leaders here and around the world accomplish their God-given goals and objectives.

John Jackson,
FLF Associate Executive Director