Monday, January 05, 2009

In Guatemala Again

Life has been extremely busy this past few weeks which explains my extended absence from blogging. We spent 6 days in Texas just after Christmas Day packing up my mom´s stuff to move her up to Missouri to live with us. We then had just a couple of days to try and unpack some of the most needed items and get her settled before I took off early this morning for Guatemala.

I´m writing this post from a computer in the seminary library here in Guatemala City. Tomorrow morning early we´ll leave for Quetzaltenango for the latest round of pastoral leadership training. Bob Perry and Marilyn Nelson will be leading 4 sessions dealing with spiritual gifts and I´ll do an introductory session focusing on the steps to spiritual maturity. Jennifer Harris of Word and Way is also with us to report on the BGCM´s ongoing partnership with the Guatemala Baptist Convention.

The only downside to the trip is that I´ll likely miss UT´s bowl game tonight against Ohio State. The truth is, this bowl season I´ve managed to miss every game except for catching the tail end of the Missouri OT win. Moving is definitely one of my least favorite sports in the world and that´s about all I´ve been doing.

I´ll probably not have computer access again until we return here on Thursday, but wanted to post this quick update. I appreciate the prayers of any who stumble upon this blog for our conferences. We´re expecting 82 participants this time--the largest group ever.


Kaylor said...

Hope everything goes well in Guatemala!

Jennifer H said...

Woohoo -- I found you! And look at that, we are in that same seminary library right now.