Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Five Year Anniversary

On the occasion of my fifth anniversary here on staff, I will be sharing the following expression of thanks to the congregation in our church newsletter next week.

This past Sunday marked my fifth anniversary on the staff here at First Baptist Church Lee's Summit and I cannot let the occasion pass without expressing my heartfelt thanks to the members and staff of this wonderful congregation for the tremendous blessing it is to serve as your associate pastor. When my family and I resigned and came home from the mission field six years ago, we could perhaps best be described as wounded warriors. We were hurting over the decision to leave an organization where we felt God had led us, and we returned stateside with no place to live and no immediate prospects for a place to serve in ministry. You graciously made the mission residence across the street available to us and welcomed us into the life of the church. You provided a supportive and loving environment in which we could experience healing. I was given opportunities to teach and to preach even before the church decided to create a new staff position for an associate pastor and to extend me an invitation to fill that role. I am so grateful to God for the friendships I have made here, for the wonderful opportunities of service that exist, for the overall health of our church, and for the many special expressions of love and kindness from each of you on the occasion of my fifth anniversary on staff. My prayer is that God will continue to bless our journey together in the years ahead as we seek to grow in Christ-likeness and to share the good news with those around us.

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