Thursday, October 04, 2007

WorldconneX announcement

I had mentioned after my recent trip to Dallas that some important decisions and deliberations took place and an announcement would be forthcoming from WorldconneX about those. The latest issue of the Baptist Standard carries an article with information about WorldconneX establishing a fund to facilitate churches sending their own missionaries to the field.

At least one blogger has already mistakenly jumped to the conclusion that WorldconneX is in opposition to the IMB (see comment #15 in the string), but Bill Tinsley in the same Standard article above makes clear that WorldconneX is not a deployment agency. It is seeking to help churches fulfill their calling of sending out their own missionaries.

In a day when many churches are awakening to their potential to directly engage in international missions through the many connections their members already have overseas, this step by WorldconneX is a timely and welcome one.

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GuyMuse said...


My concerns have nothing to do with WorldconneX being in opposition to the IMB, but they do concern the whole idea of Stateside churches (with little or no missions background) coming down and throwing around money left and right. We have had several of these kinds of experiences in the past where a group will make contact with a small local church, come down, and leave a mess.

What kind of missiological guidance will WorldconneX be providing for those they help facilitate? This is a HUGE concern for most M's I know, especially in this day where everybody is wanting to do their own missions thing overseas. This is a constant theme on our SAM region church planting forum, and for many M bloggers (see Ken Sorrell's blog.)

Please don't misunderstand, WE WANT USA PARTNERS, but we want them to work WITH us, not out there doing their "own thing".